Oak International School

We are elated to have been able to come to the end of Term 1, Academic Year 2022-2023. This term has been very eventful, and we are glad we were able to have all our events as planned.

Our biggest highlight was our Groundbreaking Ceremony, which clearly paved our long-term plan of growth as a community. We cannot wait to see the expansion of our new block, which will give us room to have smaller classrooms and enhance our commitment to having smaller child-to-teacher ratios.

We had our Evacuation Drill which was successful and also educational, we thank Uganda Police Force for the collaboration.

Studies have shown that, due to pandemics like COVID-19 and lockdowns, many learners missed out on foundational learning, and we have seen the effects after lockdowns have been eased. At the OIS community, we have come up with individualized lessons we call interventions to see how best we can help the learners that missed out on these basic foundations. We have also brought a school counsellor on board, who is to work closely with learners on their holistic well-being.