Oak International School

The first day of school is always a memorable event, but this academic year’s opening day was truly something special. The campus buzzed with life, welcoming new students and staff members with open arms.

Welcoming the New Faces

The anticipation was palpable as both new and returning students gathered to meet their peers and teachers. This term, we had the privilege of welcoming a batch of fresh faces, both students and staff, who joined our ever-growing family. The new staff members brought with them a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives, promising to enrich our academic environment in exciting ways.

Embarking on Adventures in Learning

The day kicked off with various activities designed to ease the students into their new surroundings. From engaging storytelling sessions that transported the young minds to magical realms, to interactive classroom activities that fostered collaboration and critical thinking, the campus echoed with the sounds of active learning. These activities not only established a positive rapport between the students and teachers but also set the tone for the kind of engaging education that lies ahead.

A Unifying Assembly

The highlight of the day was the assembly that gathered all students and staff in the school’s assembly area. The Head of School, with an aura of confidence and warmth, took the stage to address the eager audience. Emphasizing key points, the Head of School emphasized the importance of punctuality, proper school uniform, and adherence to school rules and regulations. With passion, the message of these values being the foundation of a successful academic journey was conveyed to the students.

Additionally, the assembly emphasized the significance of homework as a tool for reinforcing classroom learning. The Head of School elaborated on how consistent effort in completing homework assignments would significantly contribute to the students’ cumulative scores, highlighting its role in shaping their educational success.

Conclusion: A Day to Remember

As the sun set on this remarkable day, the echoes of laughter, shared stories, and the melodious notes of music resonated through the campus. The first day of school had been more than just an initiation into a new academic year; it was a celebration of unity, learning, and the promise of countless opportunities.

With fresh faces, renewed enthusiasm, and a renewed commitment to academic excellence, this year promises to be an incredible journey of growth, discovery, and achievement. As we move forward, let us carry the spirit of this exceptional first day in our hearts, reminding ourselves of the potential that lies within us and the joy of learning that connects us all.


A Dazzling Talent Showcase

As the day transitioned into its latter hours, the campus transformed into a stage of creativity and innovation. The talent show, a much-awaited activity of the day, featured a stunning display of music, dance, and drama performances. Both new and old students eagerly showcased their talents, turning the spotlight on their individual and collective abilities. The talent show not only entertained but also celebrated the diversity of talents that flourish within our school community.