Oak International School

On the drizzling morning of January 9th, the start of Term II welcomed back continuing students to the school grounds, marking the beginning of a new academic chapter. The day held particular significance as it not only marked the return of familiar faces to the school environment but also introduced a fresh batch of students who were officially inducted into the school community. The induction process aimed to create a sense of belonging and familiarity for the newcomers, setting the tone for a positive and inclusive learning experience.

As part of the school’s cultural tradition, a series of engaging welcome activities were organized for students across different levels. In the Early Years, Ms. Rebecca, Ms. Scovia and Ms. Juliet guided students through the excitement of guessing items from a Mystery box. For Lower and Upper Primary, Mr. Simon, and Ms. Anita orchestrated a lively session of hopscotch. Meanwhile, in the upper classes, Mr. Godfrey and Ms. Faith led an intellectually stimulating Word Unscrambling activity. Despite the brevity of the activities, lasting only one hour from 7-8 am, they served as a spirited kick-off to the day before students delved into their regular classes. Given the condensed nature of the term, the prompt transition to academic pursuits reflected the school’s commitment to maximizing the limited time available for learning.