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“Tukusanyukidde (welcome)!”
New beginnings, teeming with potential Unearth, absorb, apply, ensue… your story awaits you!

As we commence a new academic year, I want to extend a warm welcome to every member of the OIS Family, old and new. I hope the break was restful and rejuvenating!

This year promises to be another challenging one! Clearly, we are far from where we hoped to be in tackling this pandemic, but there are still bleak rays of hope. We are still optimistic and ready for the challenge, as we begin the academic year online on August 23, 2021. As we have maintained in the past, we will try to create an online teaching that is as close to the one that would have been on campus (especially with timetables and calendared events).

Most of us, children and adults, may be feeling anxious. Uncertainty is what drives this anxiety, therefore, talking to one another and staying connected will be the most important thing to do!

We are all in this together, so please reach out if we can assist you in any way, academic or otherwise.
But there is some very good and happy news to cheer everyone of us! The construction of our new campus adjacent to our current location will begin in September 2021 with an anticipated opening date of early 2022.

Our new campus will have new purpose built and fully equipped Smart Primary and Secondary classrooms, IT and Science labs, Library and Music, Dance and Drama rooms.

As pandemic eases and restrictions are raised, we will invite whole OIS community to visit the site.  In the meantime, stay safe and stay connected. Gyebaleko (thank you all) for your continued support.

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Welcome back to yet another academic year! We are elated to have you back to school though remotely. We have to agree that times have changed and we need to change with the times.

Exciting things are happening at Oak this academic year, we are starting off with a new revised and updated curriculum, the teachers have been duly trained and new books have been procured. We shall have our primary checkpoint and lower secondary checkpoint examinations this October. We wish all our students good luck!

As our director has communicated about our expansion plans, we are equally excited about this news, and cannot wait to see them come to pass. We also intend to follow all the school programs as shown on the calendar. We request that you read through it.

Last but not least, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you the parents, teachers, and students for the continued support as we continue to grow Oak International School.

Evelyn Twebaze

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Curriculum Coordinator

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! I’m very excited to see you all back this year. I always feel fortunate to be part of such a positive, oak school community. I hope you have enjoyed the past couple of months of summer break and were able to relax with friends and family, especially after not being able to travel as easily throughout the pandemic.
We are certainly ready to be back to the online classes and routine to provide the best education possible for your child. This year promises to be another challenging one, but there are still bleak rays of hope.

We are still ready for the challenges, as we begin the academic year online on August 23, 2021.
We are all in this together, so please reach out if we can assist you in any way, academic or otherwise.
Thank you!
MS Rumina
Curriculum Coordinator



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Ameena Lalani
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Ms. Rumina
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Our staff is back to work and preparing a grand welcome for you, also ensuring a rich teaching-learning experience over the coming year. We pride ourselves in being lifelong learners, so in addition to teaching students, our staff members will themselves be engaged in updating their knowledge with weekly professional development sessions. 

They have also found themselves thrown into the deep end, to teach in new ways, but they are all set to learn and then make this process of teaching and learning rich and engaging.


Open Day will be held for all new and old parents and students on August 23, 2021. This will be a great opportunity to meet your child’s teachers, their friends and families. Teachers will share timetables, online classroom expectations and so much more. Details of the timings will be shared through your class WhatsApp groups. 


Welcome Packs await all our students!!!

These packs include various necessary stationery items, exercise books, and tiny surprises for all our students! Please collect your Welcome Pack from the Admin Block, as and when you make your fee payments.


Early Childhood

Welcome back to the new academic year! All the Early Childhood (EC) teachers and I are so eager to see you soon. Although we would love to see you here on campus, we know that our online programme is top notch and helps to keep us all safe until we can meet in person. 

Each class will have several live classes via Zoom each week. The specific timings will be noted on your child’s class timetable. The Zoom Meeting link will be available via Class Whatsapp Groups.

With our daily videos and loads of fun activities, we hope that we maintain the connection with our students until we meet on campus!  


Every class is allocated a Google Classroom. Here students can access all important information about the class, such as timetables, links to live sessions, and any other related learning resources. The live sessions will continue to be on Zoom.

Details of this will be communicated during Open Day.

At OIS, we expect all of our students to be good digital citizens, while following online decorum. Students will have continued sessions to help them understand digital safety and the importance of internet security. 

Please ensure you join the new Class WhatsApp groups and attend the Open Day to keep yourselves updated on all homeroom-related information.


All Secondary students will receive the online class link  through Class WhatsApp groups. All new students will have an orientation session with the programme coordinators and homeroom teachers. Further information will be sent out regarding these sessions on the Class WhatsApp Groups. 

At OIS, we expect all of our students to follow good practice to ensure they are being a digital citizen. Students will have continued sessions to help them understand digital safety and the importance of internet security. 


Class WhatsApp Groups have become the most easy and accessible means of communication between teachers and parents. In order to join the class, use the link that will be sent to you on your smartphone and you will automatically be connected to the group.

If you have difficulty joining the group, message your homeroom teacher, and they will add you. PLEASE ONLY ENTER THE GROUP FOR YOUR CHILD. To ensure cyber security, these groups will be monitored and unregistered numbers will be deleted. *Reminder: Only group admins can post here. This is to ease readability for parents.*

Security Tip:

As the world has moved digital, it has opened doors to internet thieves; people with a set of skills in stealing virtual information. The most common form of attack on WhatsApp these days is Phishing.
Phishing is a type of social engineering attack often used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers. It occurs when an attacker, masquerading as a trusted entity, dupes a victim into opening an email, instant message, or text message. (as defined by google)
For this reason we encourage students and parents to always be on the look out. Filter all text messages that come in through WhatsApp and do not share any form of information without thorough check.


We want to make sure that you are updated! We have planned unbeatable ways to keep you always in the loop.
Through our learning media; WhatsApp, Zoom, Google classrooms, you will know what is taking place. In addition, we have a fully planned term and we have a calendar to show for it.