Oak International School


April 2023

Message from The Head of School

Dear OIS Community,

As we come to the end of yet another term, I want to take a moment to reflect on the past few months and thank everyone for their hard work, dedication and commitment to our school community.

I am proud to say that our building project is underway and we are moving at a good pace.

Our teachers have had a series of Professional Development sessions which we believe will help them to be able to provide high-quality education and support to our students.

We have also continued to prioritise the social and emotional development of our students. Our learner support department has provided individualised support to students who need it and introduced new initiatives to promote student well-being such as mindfulness activities and peer support groups.

As we look ahead to the next term, we remain committed to providing the best possible education and support to our students.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our students and families a happy and restful break.

Thank you again for your ongoing support to our school.

Sincerely, Evelyn Twebaze – Head of School


Message from The Curriculum Coordinator

It has been an eventful term full of learning and development at our school.  I am so excited about the ways in which we are growing and developing together as a community. 

As you’ll see in the newsletter below, students participated in a number of extracurricular programs this term within our school and our larger international school community.  From Model UNs to Talent Hunts to Field Trips, our students were really able to explore and expand their learning outside the classroom.

Within our school, we have continued to develop new programs and ways to support and challenge our students.  This is the first term that we in which we have a school wide Social-Emotional Development curriculum, which students engage in once a week.  In addition, we have continued to develop supports for students who need them within their classes and with additional classes during the school day.  I am especially excited about our reading initiative this term and the ways in which our school community is embracing reading novels as a regular part of their day-to-day routine.

Although there is always room for growth, we saw a significant improvement in overall exam marks this term which attests to the hard work of our teachers, students and parents, as well as the initiatives we are working to build. 

Thank you for your continued support in our children’s learning and we look forward to another term full of challenges, learning and success.

Sincerely, Zoe Greenberg – Curriculum Coordinator

Message from The Finance Admin

Dear OIS family,
We would like to thank you for the efforts made towards clearing school fees on time, however, some have not managed to keep up with timelines.

Please note:
– A minimum of 70% of school fees must be cleared at the beginning of the term.
– Children whose fees have not been cleared will be sent home after 10 days until full school fees are cleared.
– Children with any outstanding amount will not be allowed to begin the new term.
– If you wish to register your child for lunch and transport services please do so before the beginning of the term as it will help us plan better.
– Club list will be sent out at the beginning of the term.
– Offices will be open during holidays from 9 am to 2 pm. For inquiries and payments.
– Please find attached the fees structure. (DOWNLOAD FEES STRUCTURE)

For any further queries:
Email: finance@oakinternational.ac.ug
WhatsApp: +256750960295
Call: +256702202775

Happy Holidays!

First Day Of School

Science Week

Each class prepared a science display connected to a different topic that they had learned about this term in science and presented them during a daily lunch expo that lasted throughout the week.  We learned about sound waves through a cup and string telephone from Year 1 students, the respiratory system through a balloon and poster demonstration for Year 3 students and acids and bases through PH strip testing from Year 7 students, among other demonstrations from all of the classes. 

Coffee with Curriculum Coordinator

We had a great turn out for this term’s Coffee with the Curriculum Coordinator.  The theme of the talk was The Benefits of Reading.  Our Curriculum Coordinator spoke about the benefits of reading for student reading and writing abilities, vocabulary development, learning about the world and social emotional growth.  At the end of the talk, parents and family members also weighed in with ideas and hopes for reading at the school among other topics.  In addition to the talk, we also hosted a Book Sale where interested parents and students browsed and purchased books to get going with their new reading enthusiasm.

International Mother Tongue Day

In preparation for Mother-Tongue Day each student went home with a drawing and a word, such as love, hello or good morning, to write in their Mother-Tongue.  When they came in for the big day, we created a beautiful display of their images celebrating all of the languages spoken by our community.  Our assembly that day was presented in a variety of different languages and culminated in a video of some of our students and staff greeting the school with the language that they spoke at home.

International Stand-Up to Bullying Day

In the week leading up to Stand-Up to Bullying Day, each class participated in a Personal Development lesson thinking about why bullying happens and different ways to make sure that it does not happen in our community. After their learning, classes worked together to make posters reminding our school to be kind and supportive and say something when they see bullying at school.  Finally, students signed pledges promising to do their best to make sure bullying does not happen around them.

Evacuation Drill

This term our school practiced a Fire Drill to prepare for emergencies. Teachers reminded students of emergency procedures in the days before and then brought them quickly and quietly outside of the school on the day of our drill.  Once everyone was safely accounted for, they were lead through a demonstration of the use of a fire extinguisher and then shown basic first aid procedures such as the Heimlich maneuver for choking or bringing help to a student with a back injury. 

Talent Hunts

OIS Talent Hunt

Students spent the weeks leading up to the Talent Hunt practicing with one of the teacher/coaches on our staff.  On the day of the event, we had students from Reception Class to Year 9 performing everything from more modern songs like Miley Cyrus’s Flowers to older favourites like Suzana.  Students acted, danced, modeled, sang, played piano and performed comedy sketches. The performances were enjoyed by all, and students were awarded for Best Dramatic Performance, Best Artistic Performance and Best Musical Performance.

Acorns Talent Hunt

On the days following the OIS Talent Hunt, representatives from our school traveled to Acorns International School to represent us in a Talent Hunt hosted for international schools in the Kampala area.  Our students danced, played and sang songs that they had been preparing such as Dance Monkey by Tones and I and Dandelions by Ruth B.  They took home a number of awards in their prospective categories including second and third place in the under 11 instrumental category and second in both the under 11 and under 9 dancing categories.

EC's Favourite's Week

We focused this year’s favourite’s week on colours and fruits.  Every day of the week students were greeted with a display of objects that were the colour of the day and dressed up and did art projects about the colour.  They also sorted objects and identified objects by their colour.  On Friday we made a rainbow of colours with our outfits and a rainbow fruit salad using all of the colours that we had celebrated that week.

Book Day

As a part of our initiative to get students reading more, we celebrated a Book Day to build more enthusiasm for reading. Students dressed as their favourite book character such as Wednesday Adams, Superman, Harry Potter and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Students made book marks of their favourite book and borrowed from the library or brought from home one of their favourite books to share with their class. 

Francophonie Day

For Francophonie Day this year students learned about the countries all over the world that spoke French.  We created and coloured flags from around the world and talked about the foods eaten in those places. We concluded with French songs from our neighboring Francophone countries at lunch.

Model UN

Our students joined students from international schools around Kampala for a two-day Model United Nations meeting at International School of Uganda.  Our students represented Chile, the United States and Czech Republic throughout the weekend as student-delegates debated current international issues such as climate change, gender inequality and the war with Russia by proposing motions and resolutions that favoured their country’s situation.  The event culminated with speeches from entrepreneurs and ambassadors, including the UN General Secretary for Uganda, about the steps they took to get to their position.


We had some new additions to our club offering this term including reading and creative writing clubs, skating club, aerobic dance club and basketball.  Students really enjoyed the new basketball hoops put up in our lunch area as well as trying out roller skating and exploring different genres of writing.  In addition, some of our old favourite clubs, scouting, music, and art club, continued to produce beautiful masterpieces for the community to enjoy.

Personal Development Lessons

The personal development lessons that were taught in classes this term were especially designed for the physical and social-emotional needs of our students.  Covering a different topic every week, the lessons engaged students in activities and discussions about self-esteem, conflict resolution, goal setting and study habits among others.  Students also learned how to take care of their body through personal hygiene and other self-care lessons.

New Books at the Library

The library at our school is growing and expanding! We welcomed in new books of all sorts of genres about young people all over the world including Pakistan, the United States, India, other East African countries, and some magical kingdoms as well.  Students enjoyed reading and discussing books during library and during some of their English classes as well and we’ve begun documenting our school wide reading journey through a book chain in the library.

Reading Celebration

We recognised all of the reading that has been happening this term with a culminating celebration.  Our top readers who read over 15 larger books were recognized with a special gift from the school and shared some of their favourite reading experiences.  All of our amazing readers celebrated our school efforts with some cake and music.

Primary Field Trip to Rainbow Ice Cream Factory

Primary students took a special trip to the Rainbow Ice Cream factory where they learned about the process that goes into turning milk into delicious treats.  They saw machines that mixed ice cream and added the flavours and sugar. A special treat for everyone was stepping into the wintery climate of the walk-in freezer.  At the end we all enjoyed some ice cream and yoghurt with our lunch.

Secondary Field Trip to Uganda Research Institute

Secondary students were amazed by the innovation and design that they experienced at Uganda Research Institute.  They were taken through new designs and industries by Ugandan researchers such as pottery creation, yoghurt and other dairy product production, golf cart assembly, and bamboo furniture assembly.  They even experienced new technology such as robots that could sort magnets of different colours.  At the end they were introduced to the president of the institute who told them about the process he went through in building up his institution.

Professional Development Lessons

Our teachers continued with their regular professional development programs.  This term we focused on meeting specific social-emotional and academic needs of our students.  We worked on our new reading initiative and content-specific skills that we would like our students to strengthen.  We considered how best to challenge our students and to develop critical thinking skills.  We also completed training on the new social emotional curriculum that we have been putting into place for our students’ growth.

Art Week

This term we had a very interactive art week.  Our primary students molded and painted masks with their own faces as the models while our secondary students put their painting skills on display with portraits on canvases.  Our week culminated in a gallery of all of our students’ beautiful work and celebration of the artistic talents that we have.

Sports Day

It was an exciting and emotion-filled Sports Day once again.  The program started off with a beautiful performance of the Uganda National Anthem and a welcome speech in English and French from our students.  We all warmed up with an aerobic dance and then kicked off the competition.  Events ranged from early childhood balloon popping and treasure hunt races to baton relays and sack races in primary to science titrations and tennis ball relays. Students all competed with heart and enthusiasm but in the end our final lineup was Water House in first, Air House in second, Fire house in third and Earth house in fourth. We were so proud of all of the spirit that all of our students brought to the event.


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