Oak International School


APRIL 2022


Welcome back to campus!
We are elated to have the children back the noises in our hallways are rejuvenating. Two years was a long time.
We also welcome the new families that have joined us. Thank you for trusting us with your children. We promise to walk this journey with you as we aim at producing holistic and responsible citizens.

As a school, we have tremendously grown as we hit our 100th mark we can’t be happier. We have also added on a few structures as we await approvals from the city Authority to be able to ground break our new construction as easier communicated by our CEO.

The term has been filled with so many activities that we were happy to do them once again in person.
Academically, we clearly see the effects of the pandemic where many concepts were not clearly understood online due to many reasons, we have had to go back to revisit these topics and we, therefore, request parents to help us and supervise these children while at home so that homework is done and submitted on time.

Lastly, I request that all our parents take time out and read through our school policies and parent handbooks so that we know how the school is run. We are all excited to be back and can’t wait for the growth that lies ahead.

Happy holidays!
– Evelyn Twebaze


As a school community, we continue to practice perseverance in everything we do. We encourage our students to tackle challenges because they understand that learning takes a lot of efforts. Our hope is that they do not give up when things get difficult, because they have learned strategies to persevere.

We are immensely pleased to have our kids back at school campus! We did make it! It was not an easy term- thank you for your patience and endurance as we have ridden the corona virus.

Rumina Gaulani

As we set goals for third term, we focus on participating in class, extra curriculum activities, and physical education. We know that our students can do what they set their minds to; we see them trying and we see them succeeding and we celebrate their individual growth and progress daily. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate each new day.

As we head towards Easter break, and into the third trimester, work does ramp up in complexity- it is important that your child remains actively involved, and ask questions as the need arise. If you have any questions or concern, do not hesitate to reach out!

Thank you to everyone!
Rumina Gaulani.

Communication from finance department

Hello Oak Family,

We hope you are keeping well and safe. As we come to End of Term, please note the new payment plans below:
Children using school transport must clear transportation fees before they start using the school van. Contact the accounts office for your fare prices.
Fees structure Term III – 2022-2022 << Click Link

A requirement list has been posted above please take note that we are encouraging this in order to avoid any sorts of contact between children through sharing to ensure as much protection as possible from the rising COVID-19 cases in the country.
70% of school fees must be cleared before the beginning of each term. Failure to meet this will result into 5% surcharge for late fees payments.

In case of any concerns please feel free to contact the accounts office on the number below,
We hope you will take these new changes into consideration with immediate effect
We look forward to having you all back to normal school next term

Best wishes, Aleena Karmali
+256 750960295 (calling/whatsapp)



First are always the best because they are the beginning. The children were very happy to be back on campus. The teachers greeted the children with a warm welcome and also keeping in
mind the safety and sops. The teachers introduced themselves to the children and tried to build the bond between them.


The children were very excited to come to the school in civil dress. Each and every child learned the concept of 100 using different activities. Early years used the concept of adding numbers and making it a 100. Each and every child of the school participated in the 100 ways of kindness and shared their views with each other.

Coffee with Curriculum Coordinator

The second CCC was all about the parents coming back to the campus to know more about curriculum and norms. It was a very interactive session with positive feedback.

Spelling bee/favourite week

The primary children were all enthusiastic and ready to compete for the spell bee. They participated in different activities like word search, spell bee, crossword puzzle and find as many words as you can. It was so much fun to see them competing in a positive attitude.

The early years celebrated their favourite week by carrying their favourite things to school and describing them. On Friday they had a ramp walk of their favourite book character.

Fire drill

Fire drill took place on 18 th March 2022 in the morning. When the emergency alarm went on, all the children were sent to a safe place in the field as soon as possible. Children were aware of the alarm and tried to be calm and patience during the drill. It was a very good learning experience for them and completed it successfully.


Kindness week was dedicated to kindness and taking that extra , conscious step to brighten somebody’s day. Children were taught how to be kind to others and emphasized on magic words.

The purpose of this week was to recognize that, simple day to day acts of kindness enables our schools, communities and state to be a kinder, safer, healthier and more inclusive place to live in.


21st Apr, First Day Term III

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Homework Access

Homework for Year 4 to Year 9 is always posted online. Students should;
a) Follow the link: Homework Portal
b) Enter Access Code which is provided by the class teacher to retrieve Homework.