Oak International School


JUNE 2021


As we come to the end of another school year which has been a very unprecedented year. I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to our board of directors for the continued visionary guidance, the parents for the support and trust you have shown us, to the teachers who have shown resilience and adopted to new teaching methods like virtual classrooms a big thank you. Lastly, to our learners who have soldiered on with the changing times.

The academic year 2020-2021 has taught us many lessons and one of the great lessons has been adaptation to changing times .We have had the privilege to continue learning and we promise to keep doing so.

I am also excited to inform our community that the Cambridge curriculum is revised every five years and such has been done, so from the next academic year we shall be teaching the new curriculum, teachers have been delay trained and the school is procuring new books, which will be here by new academic year.

I would like to congratulate our learners from reception class upon their completion of their early Childhood and our year 6 learners upon their completion of the primary level. Congratulations!

 Finally yet importantly, I would like thank every one of us for the dedication and effort put together to make this academic year a success .I wish you all a restful summer break!


Dear parents and guardians,

As we come to the end of our academic year, it is a good time to reflect on what we have achieved, update upon on some important changes and look forward to an even more successful 2021-2022.

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your continuous support towards the school. Without us working together we couldn’t have achieved so much. It certainly wasn’t the end to the academic year that we were expecting, but we have coped with many challenges and changes that occurred.  We are incredibly impressed with all your efforts to engage in these difficult times.

I would like to acknowledge the hard work of all the staff who has worked tremendously in planning, preparing and delivering the live lessons, alongside teaching the children in the class.
Over the summer break and to continue their learning, all children will be given holiday home work. Please encourage your children to complete as many activities as they can as this will help them prepare for the next academic year.

Finally wishing you all a very happy and safe holidays!

Communication from finance department

Hello Oak Family,

We hope you are keeping well and safe. As we come to End of Term, please note the new payment plans below:
Children using school transport must clear transportation fees before they start using the school van. Contact the accounts office for your fare prices.
Fees structure Term I – 2021-2022 << Click Link

A requirement list has been posted above please take note that we are encouraging this in order to avoid any sorts of contact between children through sharing to ensure as much protection as possible from the rising COVID-19 cases in the country.
70% of school fees must be cleared before the beginning of each term. Failure to meet this will result into 5% surcharge for late fees payments.

In case of any concerns please feel free to contact the accounts office on the number below,
We hope you will take these new changes into consideration with immediate effect
We look forward to having you all back to normal school next term

Best wishes, Aleena Karmali
+256 750960295 (calling/whatsapp)



23rd August, First Day of Term I

Homework Access

Homework for Year 4 to Year 9 will be posted online. Students should;
a) Follow the link: Homework Portal
b) Enter Access Code which is provided by the class teacher to retrieve Homework.