Oak International School


June 2023

Message from The Head of School

Dear Oak Community

As we bid farewell to another memorable academic year, it’s with great pleasure that I extend my heartfelt gratitude and share exciting updates with each one of you.

Firstly, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to our incredible students dedicated staff plus engaged parents for your unwavering commitment to our shared vision for Education for a Changing World. Your hard work and enthusiasm have undoubtedly contributed to the remarkable achievements and successes we have celebrated throughout the year.

It is also important to acknowledge the countless accomplishments of our exceptional learners from academic performance to remarkable achievements in extracurricular activities, they have embodied the values and spirit of our school. Our graduates in particular deserve special recognition for their hard work, perseverance and lasting impact they have made during their time with us. We wish them every success as they embark on new adventures, confident that they will continue to make a positive difference in the world.

Looking ahead to the coming year we would like to welcome new staff that are joining this wonderful community and wish farewell to those that are leaving us. We are grateful for all of your contributions to our community and we wish you all the best.

We are also optimistic that our new block of classes will be ready by the next academic year and we are excited for all this.

Finally I extend my warmest wishes for a restful and rejuvenating summer break. May it be a time of reflection, joy and quality moments spent with loved ones.

I eagerly anticipate our reunion in the near future as we embark on an extraordinary journey of learning, growth and shared accomplishments.

Thank you for being an essential part of our remarkable school community. 

Sincerely, Evelyn Twebaze – Head of School

Letter from The Curriculum Coordinator

It has been such an honour to be part of the Oak International family this past academic year. We have accomplished so much as a community in so many different ways. We have spread joy and enthusiasm for reading, developed supports and programs for maths improvement and continued to find ways to challenge all of our students to be the best learners that they can. Outside of the classroom, we have developed stronger, social-emotional supports for students, exposed students to new hands-on learning through field trips and clubs, and participated in various co-curricular events within the Kampala International School Community.

I am confident that all of programs we have developed together as a community will continue to grow and thrive in the upcoming school year. Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of my control, I will not be able to return to OIS next year. However, I am thrilled with all of the programs and innovation of the upcoming Curriculum Coordinator that will be joining the community next year. It has been an honour to be part of such a hard-working, committed, and loving community and to see the amazing academic accomplishments of our students throughout this school year. 

Sincerely, Zoe Greenberg – Curriculum Coordinator

Message from The Finance Admin

Dear OIS family,
We would like to thank you for the efforts made towards clearing school fees on time, however, some have not managed to keep up with timelines.

Please note:
– A minimum of 70% of school fees must be cleared at the beginning of the term.
– Children whose fees have not been cleared will be sent home after 10 days until full school fees are cleared.
– Children with any outstanding amount will not be allowed to begin the new term.
– If you wish to register your child for lunch and transport services please do so before the beginning of the term as it will help us plan better.
– Club list will be sent out at the beginning of the term.
– Offices will be open during holidays from 9 am to 2 pm. For inquiries and payments.
– Please find attached the fees structure. (DOWNLOAD FEES STRUCTURE)

For any further queries:
Email: finance@oakinternational.ac.ug
WhatsApp: +256750960295
Call: +256702202775

Happy Holidays!

First Day Of School

Differentiation in instruction

This term teachers’ professional development, focused, primarily on ways to differentiate their instruction to help students of various levels of understanding, and with diverse interests and backgrounds within their class. Teachers took part in mock class activities, and then practiced putting them into place in their own class. In addition, teachers delved into the theory behind differentiation, and did some planning and revising of their lessons to make their lessons more accessible to all students.

We have continued to work towards having more extension activities and supports available to students who  need them. We have added more cotaught classes to facilitate this, and have continued to provide some extra practice in maths and reading and extra supports during exams to students who might need them. 

Basketball At OIS

It seems that basketball has taken Oak by storm as our new basketball hoops were installed a few months ago. Students in upper primary and secondary have enjoyed time after class during clubs and free afternoons, practicing and playing pick up games against one another and their teachers. We have done some work in PE as well to learn more about the rules of the game and the strategy behind playing it well. We hope for continued development in the upcoming school year.

Third Term Clubs

Third Term Clubs have continued to go well with some nice culminating activities at the end of the year. Our older reading club read and discussed a shared novel, and early primary reading club members were able to illustrate and design some books of their own. Our music club students have mastered some songs on the piano and enjoyed time learning about other instruments as well. Our scouts students continue to learn about citizenship and outdoor education. Our skating students are becoming more confident on their skates, and able to move in more sophisticated ways on the pavement.

Memorial Music Assembly

At the beginning of this term, we lost a wonderful staff member and music teacher. In order to honour her memory, we held an assembly full of music and celebrated the joy that she brought to us through her music instruction. Various students performed songs in Ms. Becky‘s memory such as Faded by Alan Walker, and lean on me by Bill Withers.

Dance and Art Competition

As the term came to a close, we held a class by class dance and then later art competition. In both competitions, each class was assigned either a song to dance toor an art theme to create an art project about. They had only a few hours to put together a piece to see what they could create in a short amount of time and were then asked to present it in front of the school for the competition. Students used problem-solving and teamwork skills to put together their best pieces. In the end our performances were lively and entertaining, and our art pieces were beautiful and creative and fun was had by all students.

School Wide Olympics

In our last week of the term we held short school wide Olympics Games. During the competition, each student was assigned a different country. Along with a team of four or five other students, they moved from station to station around the school and were tasked with competing against another nation in a teacher-designed challenge. Challenges ranged from basketball and hockey competitions to blindfolded obstacle courses to chemistry trivia. In the end we came together for an exciting closing ceremony.

EC Movie Night

EC students were invited to wear pajamas into school for an exciting movie “night”. Teachers created a cinema by hanging curtains and dimming the lights and students were brought to our office (which was transformed into a box office) to “buy” their tickets for the show. Students are popcornand watched The Jungle Book throughout the morning and then discussed some of the lessons they learned from the movie with their teachers.

End Of Year Award Ceremony

In order to honour some outstanding students who worked especially hard this time we held an end of year award ceremony. Students were awarded for their improvement, achievement, and neatness and organization. Throughout the ceremony, we celebrated some highlights from the year by having a few short performances, and honoured students from all classes on what they have achieved this year.

Secondary Debate Program

As they ended their career in primary education, our Year 6 Students completed their Checkpoint Exams. In the weeks leading up to the exam, students completed regular practice at home and revised many of the topics that they had learned earlier in their primary career to make sure that everything they needed was at the front of their mind. While we do not have the results yet, we are proud of all of their efforts, and eager to celebrate their successes!

Check Point Exams

As they entered their career in primary education, are Year 6 Students completed their checkpoint exams. In the weeks leading up to the exam, students completed regular practice at home and revised many of the topics that they had learned earlier in their primary career to make sure that everything they needed was at the front of their mind. While we do not have the results yet, we are proud of all of their efforts, and eager to celebrate their successes!

Celebration Of Learning & Graduation

It was a pleasure to celebrate all of the learning and hard work that went on this year at our ceremony at the end of the year. Students performed songs about animals, professions, light, and traditional dances. They shared about the digestive system, and. performed two different versions of Shakespearean plays. There were also a number of musical instrument performances of original and classic songs. The event wrapped up with a dance performance by the teachers to songs from their various countries.

During the graduation ceremony, teachers applauded students for all of their accomplishments, and encourage them to continuetrying their best in their upcoming journey. Students and their family were called to the stage to receive their certificates and were invited for a celebratory lunch after.


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