Oak International School

School Policies

Behaviour & Motivation Policy

Oak international school (OAK) is committed to educating learners as a whole; this means not only providing quality academics, but also teaching learners how to be respectful to others and themselves. OAK aims to create a learning environment that is welcoming, safe, and secure for all learners. Therefore, the Behaviour and Motivation Policy is designed to support students through cooperation and communication between all stakeholders.

In line with Cambridge practices, at OAK “strive to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world.” The Cambridge Learner Profile describes the qualities and characteristics which ultimately are the objectives to which we, OAK staff, learners and community members, all strive.


Student Attendance & Retention Policy

Oak International School (OIS) aims to enable every learner to be successful at their year level. Through the school year, students take Measures of Academic Progress (CEM) Assessments in order to track progress of individual learners. The CEM results are given to parents and also monitored by the Learner Support Services (LSS) department, in order to ensure students are meeting year level expectations.


Assessment Policy

Purposeful assessment has the potential to inform teaching and learning positively as well as provide feedback on achievement against set standards and performances. At OAK we aim to assess in ways that meet both of these needs.


Electronic Device Policy

In this Policy, we aim to outline the acceptable use of electronic devices by a student at school or on the school’s network to enhance and support teaching and learning. At OAK, we believe in maintaining a safe and secure education environment and fostering digital citizenship.